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$6 Desk Makeover


Over the past 10 years I have averaged a home/apartment move about every 2 years or so.  So when we finally settled into our current home I was so excited to finally stay put.  But living in so many different spaces has left me with a strange and broad variety of furniture that I have been having some trouble finding a cohesive fit for in our new home.  I don’t want to have mismatched furniture anymore (I’m an adult now…right?) but I also don’t want to max out the credit card (I’m a touch frugal, if you haven’t seen this post where I literally do a cost breakdown of items at the dollar store).  So when I found this old Target RE brand desk in the garage, I knew it wouldn’t fit anywhere in our current mix, but hated the idea of getting rid of something that really aesthetically wasn’t all that bad (minus the color scheme).

The reason this desk has survived for so long was that it breaks down into legs and a top, so almost folds flat.  And that was perfect because if it already wasn’t in pieces I would have had to take it apart for the makeover.  There are 2 items I used to revamp this desk: A can of spray paint & a roll of contact paper.  Thats it.  I got the spray paint for $5 and the contact paper for $1.  I spray painted the legs over an afternoon, taking care to get good coverage since the old leg color was so neon.  I also took the metal hardware (screws, nuts) which had neon yellow paint and popped them into a piece of cardboard with just the tops (no screw threads) showing and gave them a coat as well.  I then measured out the contact paper so that the front edge wouldn’t have a seam showing (the desk was wider than the paper, a seam was going to happen someplace I just wanted it to be less visible).  After everything was dry – ta da!  I was able to screw it all back together.


I’m really happy with how it all turned out!  Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list!


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