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The Dollar Store For the Modern Mom


Oh the Dollar Store.  Everyone’s favorite place to both love and hate.  If you live in a suburban area like me, these things are literally everywhere.

It had been several years since I had been into a dollar store around the time of me planning my little one’s first birthday party.  I wanted party supplies on budget and this is where I ended up.  They seemed to have some really great deals on things, and some things seemed to be falling apart in my hands.  So what is really a good deal?  Its been a year or so since that trip and there are some things I’ve gone back for and some things that really didn’t make the cut.  So I thought I would share my wins for all those other people out there who are on a budget as well.  In my opinion, these are the best deals for your dollar at the dollar store.

A couple of observations about the dollar store:

  • Most places are Dollar Tree brand, so that is where I purchased the items featured in this post.  But if you are in the Washington, California or Texas, Daiso is a really neat $1.50 store worth checking out.
  • Not every location has the same selection, and does not put out seasonal merchandise at the same time.  This assortment also varies from what seems to available online.
  • I am using Target as a cost comparison because if not for the Dollar Store, that is where I would be purchasing these items.  It’s not meant to call Target expensive, I love Target!
  • The things you purchase here really only cost $1.  So If and when they do break, I’m really not that upset about it.

Hair Ties

Hair ties, I feel like the more you buy the fewer you can find.  And I thought I was getting a good deal on buying a giant pack, but after I did the math, I was wrong.  At Target, these hair bands cost $0.12/each.  These from the dollar store cost half the price at $0.06/each.

Kraft Paper

I use this brown paper for all sorts of things.  At first I was just using it to make sewing patterns.  I would draft them by hand and then scan them into the computer, so I was going through a lot of paper.  But the great part about having this roll around is that you can use it for all sorts of stuff.  Its a really neutral wrapping paper (just match a seasonal ribbon to the occasion).  ADD MORE STUFF. At Target this roll of paper costs $0.18 per foot.  At the dollar store this roll cost $0.12 per foot.  *I have found this paper varies in thickness depending on the times I have purchased it.  I like it on the thinner side since it makes things easier to wrap.  Also, you find it in the office section, not the wrapping paper section.

Bubble Mailers

As a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) I have several side hustles.  One is selling vintage goods online.  Its a fun pastime I enjoy, but is much more enjoyable if I can keep my packaging costs low.  These bubble mailers are the least expensive I can find.  At Target these bubble mailers are $0.90 each.  At the dollar store they are $0.50 each.

Acrylic Organizer

I only bought one of these, because I only needed one but the cost savings is awesome.  They don’t always have them in stock but I do have daydreams of organizing an entire makeup collection with these. Right now I just keep my most used items in it on the bathroom counter.  At Target a similar organizer is $12.99.  Dollar Store = $1.00.

Acrylic Trays

When found these, I bought about 8 of them.  I use them all over the house, to organize snacks in the cupboard, they hold sticky stuff (honey, agave, molasses) in the kitchen, and craft supplies in the craft room.  At Target a similar style is $8.99.  Dollar Store = $1.00.

Glass Bowls

I so like to pretend that I have my own cooking show.  How cute are all the preprepared ingredients in the little glass bowls?  Who has time for that?  I really wish I did.  And look how cute these little guys are!  Sure I don’t have a cooking show, but they come in handy to have stuff set out in small portions or for dipping/dying/glueing (My kitchen can get a bit crafty).  At Target clear glass condiment bowls cost $2.75 each.  Dollar Store = $0.25/each


The Dollar Store has a crazy amount of frame styles.  And not all have actual glass in the front, but some have other bonuses like a mat already in the frame.  These make great gifts – add a photo, frame a drawing, frame a recipe, add magnets to the back and make a cute art frame…there are so many fun ideas to try and at just a dollar the risk to try just seems that much smaller.

Have you found any good Dollar Store Deals?  Please share in the comments section below!