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Printable Weekly Planner


Every Sunday evening I tell myself “this is the week I’m going to get organized.”  Then I think of all the little things I have to get done and end up just sitting on the couch overwhelmed.  I tried for a while do give each day of the week a task: Monday’s were for paying bills, Tuesdays for laundry, ect. but something would come up and throw my whole schedule off.  The truth is I do so much better when I have a place to write things down.  There is something so rewarding about crossing things off a list.  Another big theme around the house lately has been improving our diet.  One of the best ways I can think of to do that is to not bring unhealthy stuff into the house.  And in order to do that I need to plan out our meals.  And then buy all the right things.  Because let’s just be honest if I don’t have a grocery list I just come home with green juice and chips.  So this past Sunday flash back to me sitting on the couch drinking green juice and eating chips scribbling all my to do’s on the back of a junk mail envelope.  This just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  So bright an early Monday morning I came up with this WeeklyPlanner easy printable to do sheet.  For me this is easy and simple and will hopefully keep me on track for the week.  I gave each day 5 items to achieve because let’s not kid ourselves, that is plenty of things to do in a day.  I also gave a space with a “$” for any bills that need to be taken care of or paid.  Most things are on autopay but for the one or two that aren’t this is a easy way to remember.  I also added a spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I can get and idea of what to buy at the grocery store that week.  I didn’t do meal planning for the weekends because I like myself too much.  And the weekends are why PB&J and boxes of Mac & Cheese are for.  I’m going to give this a try and see if I can’t keep myself organized for a bit.


What are some easy ways that keep you organized?  Does writing things down help you keep things organized?  I need all the advice I can get 🙂