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A Simple Bow Tutorial


Bows can be a really intimidating craft to try. I feel like when you think of tying a bow, you think back to all the gifts you tried to wrap only to spend 15min trying to make a lopsided bow presentable. But that was all before Pinterest. And now we know that the most perfect looking bows aren’t even tied at all.

I made this bow for the back of a tu tu and went on to make another for a matching hair clip. It was so simple to do and it turned out great.

Materials you will need:

  • Fabric Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pin

Step 1:

Decide what size bow you would like to make. Make a loop (think commemorative ribbon) with the top width, the widest you would like your bow to be. Leave the tails long, but equal. You will be able to trim them to the desired length later.

Step 2:

Take a pin and mark the center of the bow, pinning through all layers.

Step 3:

With a needle and thread, sew next to the pin using several stitches.

Step 4:

Pull the stitches tight and wrap the thread around the center of the bow and tie the thread in the back to secure.

Step 5:

For the center wrap, take a section of ribbon and fold in thirds (this is just an aesthetic choice, you can use the full width of the ribbon, but I liked the narrower center for the proportion of the bow).

Step 6:

Wrap the center around the bow and sew a few stitches in the back to secure.

Step 7: Trim the tails to the desired length.