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Spring Snowflake Template and Tutorial


I was hoping with Easter being a littler later this year that it would give me a little more time to get some spring crafting done – but there is never really enough time in the day.  I put together this quick easy easter craft – such a fast easy way to add a little fun to your spring holiday.  We have a bunny that has been visiting our yard every day to eat the clover (he/she is now my favorite pet since I don’t have to do a thing to enjoy it) and they inspired this little silhouette craft.  You can easily put these up in your windows but I think they look just as nice on your easter brunch table or tucked away in an easter basket.  This template is set up for a 9″ square of paper – tissue paper works best but any foldable paper will do.  If you have a request for any other sizes let me know in the comments and I can add additional templates!


  1. Print template Easter Bunny Snowflake
  2. Cut out template
  3. Fold square of paper according to template directions (there is a visual below as well)
  4. Trace template onto folded paper
  5. Cut along lines
  6. Unfold and enjoy!